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Is it true that you would like to learn about electric mobility?

If you really do want to learn, then dive in the content that LEMO team produced for you. Get your basic knowledge through e-book chapters and then upgrade that knowledge through videos. You will be able to check how much have you learned after each video. You will have few second to figure out your answer on each qeustion and write it down. After you complete your short exam, video will provide you with correct answers.

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About the electric vehicle.

Nowdays everybody have smartphones. Batteries are powering small computer which is running all sort of applications. Now imagine that you have 4 wheels attached to a bigger battery pack wich runs an electric motor. This is very simple presentation o fan electric vehicle.

Now lets dive into it.

Watch video (YouTube): About the electric vehicle.


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Propulsió elèctrica


A l’hora de comprar un vehicle elèctric s’haurien de tenir en compte tots aquests components. Si ens fixem en aquestes característiques segur que podrem comprar un vehicle elèctric que s’adapti a les nostres necessitats.

Chapter (PDF): Propulsió elèctrica

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Driving an electric car.

Driving an electric vehicle is very similiar to driving an automatic car, except it is much more fun.



Watch video (YouTube): Driving an electric car.